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Workshop: The Body of Presence – Corporeal inquiry into the mysterious core of performing arts with Yuko Takeda 5.-6.9.2020, both days from 10 to 17.

“Presence” is necessary for a performer on the stage. It is something that gives substance and depth to the experience of the audience. And yet, presence is one of the most elusive, hard-to-grasp concepts if we try to define exactly what it is. And it is often mixed with the natural talent and ability of the performer; it’s a matter of having it or not having it.

In this workshop, however, we approach presence as a practicable element in physical training. Is there any corporeal focal point(s) that contributes to stronger presence? If so, how can we improve or develop them with our bodies? We will be using two methods (Suzuki Method and Viewpoints) as the main tool to investigate what it takes for a performer to be present on the stage. Also Hino Method will be used as a supplementary tool to investigate the body itself. The participants will gain personalized embodied knowledge about presence that is applicable to their respective fields.

Previous experience in those methods is recommended but not necessary. Wear movable clothing. Bring water bottle.

Brief description of the methods:

Viewpoints is an improvisational technique of movement originated by an American choreographer Mary Overlie and later adapted to theatre by Anne Bogart, Tina Landau, and SITI Company. The technique provides inspiring and yet practical vocabulary to investigate and explore time and space in a performative setting and allows ensemble performing to happen quickly and organically.


Suzuki Method of Actor Training is a physical training system for actors founded and developed by a Japanese theatre director Tadashi Suzuki (1939- ) and his company Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT). This rigorous method brings better concentration, breath control, and energy production to those who practice it. Its ultimate purpose is to restore the innate expressivity in the performer’s body.
Hino Method is a physical training method developed by a Japanese martial arts master Akira Hino (1948- ). The method is rooted in in Hino’s study of the essence of Japanese classic martial arts. It is about developing the body to its full potential without relying on muscle strength and refining bodily intelligence.
About the teacher:
Yuko Takeda is a Japanese actor, teacher, and writer who has been working in Finland since 2009. She obtained master’s degrees in acting at Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA (2007) and theatre pedagogy at Theatre Academy in Helsinki (2018). In addition, Yuko has trained with renowned theatre companies such as SITI Company and Suzuki Company of Toga. She has also been studying Hino Method (a physical training method based in Japanese classic martial arts) under the method’s founder and martial arts master Akira Hino since 2010. She has taught physical training methods at Teatterikorkeakoulu(Theatre Academy), Open University, Työväenakatemia in Kauniainen, Kokkolan kaupunginteatteri, Ilmaisverstas, Ylioppilasteatteri, among others.
As an actor, Yuko predominantly has worked in theatre with Myllyteatteri and collaborated in numerous performing arts projects with artists from various backgrounds. She also initiated several independent theatre projects, where she wrote the script, directed and performed. The notable works include “Macbeth, Again!” (2017), “Dreams in the Closet” (2015), and her solo performance “Journey of an Outsider” (2016). Currently she’s working at Tampereen työväen teatteri as a guest actor in “KARVAS PALA (Bitter Wheat)” (2020).
Price for the workshop: 1 day 60€, 2 days 100€ 
Sign up for the workshop by emailing: info@disakamula.com by 5th of August 2020 to reserve your spot! 
(Minimum participants is 6, max.12.)