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Workshop: Becoming an Original Anarchist
An Introduction to Six Viewpoints Theory & Practice
with Michael Stubblefield

12-13 October 2019
10:00-17:30 both days

Kohtaamisten Tila
Sammonkatu 8-10
33540 Tampere
Tampere, Finland

120€ (90€ Students)

Sign up by writing to: originalanarchistworkshop@gmail.com

This workshop is a brief introduction to the Six Viewpoints theory and practice created by the American postmodern dancer and choreographer, Mary Overlie. Over the weekend, we will explore the materials of the Six Viewpoints to understand their role in creating and understanding works for the stage.

Six Viewpoints declares that all theatre, dance and performance arts are made up of six primordial materials: Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement and Story. In traditional and modern performance there are certain hierarchies that dictate the value of these materials with story and emotion being primary in theatre and movement and shape being primary in dance. Six Viewpoints suggests a dismantling of hierarchies in favor of a horizontal approach where each material has equal value and where any one material can be the starting point for creating a piece. This postmodern approach to the deconstruction of the essence of the performing arts is a practice that can lead you on a journey of artistic research and understanding that can last a lifetime. Someone who develops over time an intuitive understanding of these basic materials, free from the influences of traditional and modern performance, becomes an “Original Anarchist.”

According to Mary Overlie, an Original Anarchist is someone who “is directly connected with nature and needs no outside rules as guides in order to function as a positive part of a whole.” This workshop aims to give each participant a deeper understanding of the materials of Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement and Story so they may take the first steps in becoming an Original Anarchist and a liberated creator of performances.

This multidisciplinary workshop will interest actors, dancers, directors, choreographers, stage designers, writers, musicians and visual artists. Come prepared to play, to be challenged, and to think and feel in new and different ways about how to create work for the stage.

Sign up by writing to: originalanarchistworkshop@gmail.com

Michael Stubblefield is an actor, teacher and theatre-maker based in Madrid, Spain. Originally from the United States, he has performed across the world in various productions in Spain, the US, the UK, Germany, Singapore and Japan. He is a founder of the Asociación Vértico in Madrid, a project dedicated to ongoing professional training in the performing arts. In Spain he has taught workshops and led training for various companies and institutions such as the Teatro la Abadía, the Teatro Clásico, and the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático. He is also a member of the European project, the Nomadic Academy for Fools.

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